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Business and Management Studies

Association of Business Executives (ABE) - Business Management (BM)

The Business Administration programme provides a professional qualification that may be used to prepare directly for a career in business, or to gain advanced entry onto a range of professional qualifications and university degrees in the UK and overseas. The programme provides students with an appreciation of the theoretical issues currently involved in the study of business as well as a range of practical skills which will enhance their value to potential employers.

ABE offers a range of progressive, flexible and affordable business and management qualifications at Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma and, in the case of the Business Management programme, Postgraduate Diploma level (Levels, 3, 5, 6 and 7 respectively). All our qualifications are accredited by the QCA, the UK qualifications regulatory authority.

Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

Association of Business Executives (ABE) - Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management (TTHM)

Tourism is one of the world's largest industries. This qualification links business principles with sector expertise. By choosing this qualification you will learn the basics about travel and tourism as well as business and accounting essentials. The course is offered at three levels.

Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTHM) - Travel, Tourism & Hospitality Management

The Organisation for Tourism and Hospitality Management (OTHM) is designed to provide a programme of professional qualifications within the industry who wish to gain the necessary qualifications and theoretical awareness to advance their career or operations.

Computing and IT

British Computer Society (BCS)

The British Computer Society BCS is the industry body for Information Technology (IT) professionals and a Chartered Engineering Institution for IT. Its objectives are to promote the study and practice of computing and to advance knowledge of and education in IT for the benefit of society. Successful completion of the BCS Professional Graduate Diploma examination and Professional Project (PGD Level) allows you to pursue postgraduate study (MSc in IT related disciplines) at selected UK universities.

Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS)

The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) is an international professional association devoted to supporting and promoting the profession of information systems management. IMIS is universally recognized as the professional body providing qualifications in the area of management information systems, which are vital for the effective management of business. London Camden College offers the IMIS course at three progressive levels, leading to acceptance for a BSc (Hons) final year at most UK universities.

English Language

English as a Foreign Language

London Camden College offers a wide range of English language courses throughout the year to suit students of all abilities and ages.