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Student Services

The Students Service is there to help you better you academic and day-to-day activities for the duration of your study.

Student Welfare

We at LCC strongly believe that the well being of our students and staff is essential to the success of the college. For this main reason the college has appointed Student Welfare Officer (SWO) who has the responsibility to act on behalf of the students to ensure that their concerns do not go unheeded. The SWO provides an unbiased help to ensure fairness.

Travel Information

Full-time students with the LCC qualify for the discount student travel card. There are various travelling methods in London, which make it very convenient for commuting within the city. There are the London Underground, buses, trams and trains. The transport cost for London can be expensive. Please make appropriate financial arrangements for the duration of your study in London.

Careers Advice

LCC offers students advice on course choice and future careers. Our head of department or specialist recruitment agency working on behalf of LCC can also provide career guidance.


The college can arrange accommodation to suit your needs. Accommodation can be arranged in either single or shared rooms with private landlords, at your request. The rent for economy accommodation is likely to approximate £75-£100 per week. If you would like us to arrange accommodation, please write to the college at least 4 weeks in advance of your arrival in the UK and forward £400 as accommodation deposit.

Health Care Information

LCC can provide assistance for students who wish to be registered with their local General Practitioner (GP). As a full time student with LCC you qualify for the National Health Service (NHS) during your stay in the UK for the period of your study. The NHS is the UK's state health service, which provides treatment for UK residents through a wide range of health care services.

Visa Application

If you need to extend your permission to stay in the UK in order to continue studying LCC for a longer period, the College Administrator will be happy to help you with your application. All full time courses offered at the College fulfil the Home Office requirements for overseas students as LCC is classed as a “A – rated” Tier 4 (Students) Sponsor’s Licence by the UK Border Agency.

For further information and guidance on visas and entry clearance visit UKVisas, the official United Kingdom government web site.

Banking Assistance

The staff at LCC are happy to help you to open your own bank account in the UK. The College has special arrangements with some major banks and we recommend you to open an account with them. The college will provide you with a letter that will help facilitate your application for a bank account.

Airport Pickup

Students arriving in the UK for the first time may wish to be met by a college representative at the airport. London Camden College can arrange an airport reception service from Gatwick and Heathrow airports. Heathrow airport is about 19 miles from the college, while Gatwick airport is about 39 miles. A charge of £75 for Heathrow and £95 for Gatwick airport is payable. Please let the college know in advance if you require this service.